It has been a great privilege for us to lead a number of couples through the 2=1 marriage course not only here in Scotland but also in Zimbabwe.   Astrid and I have been married for 49 years now and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren, and we have been teaching the ‘Married for Life’ course since 1997.

DnAThe ‘Married for life’ course involves 13 weeks of intensive teaching, and  is based on God’s blueprint for marriage found in the pages of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. It matters not what state your marriage is in, whether it is very good all the way, to it being in trouble – God only has plan ‘ A’  for marriage. No matter where your marriage fits into the equation of great to bad……God wants us to know what marriage is all about from His viewpoint and it is imperative that we lay the right foundation.  Marriage was and continues to be God’s idea, not man’s and when we do things His way we are blessed.   Blessing the families of the earth is His will and desire. (Genesis 12:3)

We would encourage any and all married couples to take advantage of this amazing marriage course…….your marriage and your family will be blessed..

Derek & Astrid Gobbett


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